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Love Doll Review – Real Lady Doll 170cm Flora

I offer a review of Real Lady sex doll from Irontech Doll company, namely the Real Lady 170cm doll and S38 head. As part of this review, I received my little princess Tanyusha (Irontech Doll 100cm). So, let’s get started. The doll was sent to me directly from the manufacturer Irontech on August 23rd, and I received the doll on October 25th (UPS delivery to Estonia). It was a long months of waiting, but it was worth it!

Unboxing the Real Lady Doll Flora

The doll arrived in an ordinary, unremarkable box, except the box size was 174 centimeters. Arrived without any damage, which is very pleasing. I would like to immediately note that Real Lady has slightly improved the packaging of its dolls. The packaging now contains a foam backing and a foam lid (which can be seen in the photo), which reduces the risk of damage during transportation. As usual, the doll was in a branded sleeping bag. An interesting point – the bag was slightly open on the doll’s chest. Apparently, the customs officers were admiring the beauty…

sex doll review

Along with the doll, the box included a head, a wig, an insert (I ordered a doll with a replaceable vagina), a washing pump, instructions in several languages, a comb, a heater, two head connectors, and clothes. Another “innovation” – now a plate with a hidden code is pasted on the instructions. This is to combat counterfeits. By entering this code on the anti-fake website, you can verify the authenticity of your doll, but I think that by buying directly from Real Lady, there is no need for this. All this can be seen in the photo.

The doll, as always, was carefully packed, feet, hands, head.

A masterpiece, let’s see the sexy doll

Unpacking is done, and here it is – a masterpiece! You can see the doll in full size from the front and back. The doll is tall, which makes it frighteningly realistic, and has an athletic build with very well-designed and anatomically correct details of the muscles and ribs. The doll’s figure is very sexy – with moderately large, very soft breasts, a slender waist, and wide hips. The doll’s body proportions are very realistic! There is no overly thin waist and huge butt and breasts. Everything here is as it should be for a real human.

Sexy Doll Head Review

I ordered a doll with an S38 head made of soft silicone (before this, all my heads were made of either TPE or hard silicone). From my feelings, I can say that the head made of soft silicone is between a head made of TPE and hard silicone. The detailing of a head made of soft silicone is somewhat inferior to that of a head made of hard silicone but much higher than that of a head made of TPE. It can be seen in the photo. The soft silicone head does not have implanted eyebrows and eyelashes; they are drawn and glued on like a TPE head, but this head still looks very realistic. In the photo you can see the difference between the three types of heads. Freckles add, especially realism!

One question – why does the S38 head have such a sad expression? I haven’t been able to cheer her up yet… Regarding the texture and detailing – all silicone heads have a texture (you can see in the photo), but the S38 head has a texture most similar to the texture of human skin, although the head is made of soft silicone. A dark brown wig was included with the director. The wig, let’s say, is not very good… but this is not surprising since high-quality wigs made from human hair are well worth it. Yes, the head has an open mouth, but it is not a head with ROS.

Detailing the Devil: A Close Look

Now, let’s start looking at the doll itself. The detail is amazing. It seems to me that the mold for the doll was not made by a sculptor, but this is a cast from a real person. Look at the photo of the chest. Everything is as detailed as possible. You can see every small fold of skin and pimples. The texture throughout the body is identical to human skin. In the photo, you can see the skin texture of the irontech 166 minus the silicone doll and the skin texture of the Real Lady. The belly and navel are very realistic! The smallest folds of skin are visible.

I ordered them in hard silicone and with articulated fingers. So far I haven’t really understood the advantage of hands made of hard silicone over hands made of regular silicone. Hard hands feel a little more realistic to the touch. Look at the detail on the hands and palms. You can see every fold of skin, every line! There are papillary patterns on the fingers. Although, in fairness, it must be said that the dolls had fingerprints before. My irontech 160cm bought two years ago also had fingerprints. A very beautiful manicure is also available!

I can’t help but note how anatomically correct, realistic, and extremely detailed the knees are when dressed in stockings… it’s an unparalleled pleasure to stroke them! Probably the only detail that reveals that this is not a real person but a doll is the stitches. Yes, they have become thinner and less noticeable, but they are still there. There is something to strive for here.

Exploring Unique Features

The genitals are made very realistically and are located anatomically correctly. The smallest details are visible – the tubercles from hair after hair removal.

Exploring Unique Features

I can say that the doll is tall, so this point must be considered for those who hide their dolls. In terms of weight – I didn’t weigh it, but according to personal feelings, it’s the same as Irontech Doll 168 TPE. In terms of realism, this is truly a masterpiece! Anyone who purchases this doll will not be disappointed. I believe that in the future, Irontech Doll will expand the model range of the Real Lady series. I would love to see curvier and more mature bodies with the stunning realism and detail of the Real Lady series!