Real Lady Doll's Exhibition Debut

2023 Asia Adult Expo

Real Lady Doll took part in the 2023 Asia Adult Expo held at the Convention and Exhibition Center in Hong Kong from August 29 to 31st.

The show was the first in Hong Kong since Covid and although the number of visitors this year wasn’t as high as the Shanghai exhibition earlier in the year, the visitors in Hong Kong were more directly involved in the adult toy industry.

Our booth, numbered A43, was placed among several interesting displays. We had a lot of visitors at our booth who came to explore our fascinating collection of love dolls. Our “sex robot” with electronic hip movement and oral features caught the attention of many visitors and passersby. Nearly everyone that entered our booth stayed around to discuss and check out our selection of silicone and TPE dolls and torsos.

shanghai exhibition

The highlight of our display was the grand reveal of our latest brand, Real Lady (170cm). The Real Lady Series goes beyond just looking real by using advanced techniques to recreate the intricate details of the human body. It captures even the small things like fine lines and  pores found on hands, feet, knees, joints, and collarbones, giving a very realistic look and feel to the skin texture.

Real Lady Doll's Debut

Most of the people visiting our booth were really interested in our AI love dolls. They were fascinated with the realism, attention to detail, and craftsmanship of our REAL LADY.

We also took a stealthy look at what our competitors had to offer at the exhibition, (as we know they did with us). and compared the quality of their dolls to ours and felt that none could match our quality. Many silicone dolls felt harder compared to our dolls that have softer, more human-like texture. We received many compliments on this and our artistic body painting. It was a lot of fun to watch and listen to visitor reactions when they touched our dolls and commented on how real they felt.

Sigafun Sex Doll Torso

Our sister brand, Sigafun, which we displayed alongside our dolls, was also a big hit. We were the only “manufacturer” of torsos to showcase at the event, and many visitors commented that ours were by far the best.

shanghai exhibition

Roughly 30% of the attendees that visited our booth were from foreign countries, while the remaining 70% were from places close to Hong Kong like Dongguan, Shenzhen, and Hong Kong itself. Our foreign customers mainly came from the United States, Russia, Australia, Hungary, Italy, and other countries. We collected more than a hundred business cards and contact information, and we’re excited to start reaching out to each and every one of them.

shanghai exhibiton

See you in Berlin and Las Vegas

All in all, the Asia Adult Exhibition was a huge success for Irontech Doll. We’re looking forward to participating in more shows in Europe and America later this year and in 2024.

Keep an eye on us because we are growing fast!