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Real Lady 170cm Girl - all you want to know

Here’s a Real Lady sex doll review from a customer. Hopefully, it will be helpful for you.

This thread is about the new Real Lady doll from IronTech.

Her build was started July 16 and delivered August 31st, I heard they will take around 35 days to complete.


Body: Real Lady 170cm

Body softness: Standard (I did NOT order the ultra-soft option)

Back hook: Yes

Breast: Ultra soft/Gel

Areola Size: 3cm Color:#1

Butt: Gel

Hard hand: YES

Finger Skeleton: Yes

Feet: Standing feet without bolts (hard feet)

Toe Skeleton: Yes

Fingernails color & Toenails color: ToeNail Color 2

FingerNail: Color C

Skin tone: SkinColor NATURAL

Matte skin: YES

Vagina: FIXED

Vagina internal structure: B2

Vagina color: #4

Head: Soft Head S40 Face

Head: Medium Hard Head S36 Face, implanted hair – red

Makeup: Was all custom

One thing I consider a significant thing with the config is the body is standard softness. My experience is that the real soft silicone is great for bed and tactility , but durability will take a hit. I use mine for photos, so durability and the ability to take a fall without much damage is essential. Why, because my other IT’s have taken falls in front of people onto grass and gravel, and not even sufferered a scratch. On my soft dolls, it’s a f’n disaster with soft silicone.

On the S36, I ordered implanted golden red hair and custom makeup. I like the look of this head! The S40 is a ROS face that has articulation. This head will allow open and closed mouth functions.

Love doll factory photos

Here are a few pics of the factory photos:

real lady love doll 06

Taken with a GooglePixel6


What drew me to this line of dolls is the sheer 3D detail – such as moulded skin pores, related skin details, fantastic painting, real skin translucency, matt finish, very nice finish overall.

I am very impressed with this doll and I consider her to be my best doll atm. The sheer details left me utterly amazed. Although the body is really what I wanted, I have heads from other manufacturers that I have tried and the skin matches nicely. I like a few of the Irontech Doll heads, and I tried some of Panther’s heads from his 166cm love doll and my Suki and they appear to match fine. The Oral functions of the ROS heads are exquisite in detail – everything within the oral cavity is there. I think for oral sex/kissing these heads will work very well. I am not a fan of these ROS heads for photos as I feel they still lack expression, but I did order one as a test. I am more interested in the bodies overall and my Miya and Suki faces are my favorites and match the 170 body very well. I am not a fan of the stock fixed (hemispherical) eyes of these ROS heads, and I have replaced the eyes on Suki and Miya with my own rotating and removable Iris that I made.

The body again, is sculpted very realistically, and the skeleton joint stiffness is good and allows a decent bending potential. Remember, her weight is ~100lb with the soft head on, so keep that in mind. She is a 1:1 replica of an actual female, so the legs and arms are more fulller. Breasts are super soft and droop realistically. I’m very happy about that. Her butt is quite well shaped, and not a 20 YO girl, but has a slight droop which I really like. It’s a copy of real mid 20’s woman.

I already own 3 IT dolls, and I am very impressed with them, as are other people who have seen the girls in person – like the Leathermans, Feck, Jantra, Dees, FP, and a few others. I think they are very good and I will not hesitate to get another RealLady as I’m impressed with her!

Next, I’ll post a few pics I took with Dees Lover and Panther’s RL doll.

Collaborate with Panther and myself. We spent a few days filming the sets, and I am sure he posted him already. We have many more sets we are working on completing and showing here.

170 with the Celine head

Today, continuing the set –

A boudoir set filmed at Panther’s house, and she found the bed to be quite comfortable!

You can see the details on the body like the way the breasts hand sideways and slight droop when she’s lying down – that’s very realistic, and the texture of the skin is the most realistic to the touch – silky smooth as I describe it. It simulates a real body breast very accurately, and the translucency of the painted material is excellent.

I cannot vouch for durability, but so far no paint has rubbed off from cleanings, and I certainly hope she will be durable!

I managed to photo Suki’s head on the RealLady doll, and I am really impressed, so much so, that I may just get another Suki face for her!

Some more from the set.