Real Lady Year-End Super Sales Event

Real Lady year-end super sale event is coming soon.

This big sale is reserved for Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas.

This event, marking the largest and final promotion for 2023, is not to be missed by doll lovers!

Unmatched Silicone Superiority + Unbeatable Deals = Passion for Your Pleasure

This event provides price discounts and complimentary upgrades for the following options:

real lady sex doll head

extra silicone head

(soft head/hard head)

real lady love doll

EVO skeleton

Gel Breasts

gel breasts

real lady gel ass

gel butt

Standing Feet Without Bolts

standing feet without bolts

sex dol head


(for soft head)

sex doll hand

articulated finger joints

Realistic Body Painting

realistic body painting

real lady black friday sale

mystery bag