Love Doll Review – Real Lady Doll 170cm Eileen

Here’s a Real Lady sex doll review from a customer. Hopefully, it will be helpful for you.

This is my latest doll. She’s a Real Lady Doll 170cm Eileen; she arrived on the 2nd of November, 2023.

The doll configuration that I ordered was.

  • Body ~ Real Lady Doll 170cm
  • Body Softness ~ Standard.
  • Back Hook ~ Yes, for hanging the doll for photography with an M8 hook
  • Breasts ~ Gel
  • Areola Size ~ 5cm
  • Areola Colour ~ #3 Natural
  • Butt ~ Solid
  • Hard hands ~ Yes
  • Finger Skeleton ~ Yes
  • Feet ~ Standing feet without bolts (hard feet)
  • Toe skeleton ~ Yes
  • Fingernails colour ~ D
  • Toenails colour ~ 2
  • Skin tone ~ Natural
  • Matte skin ~ Yes
  • Vagina ~ Fixed
  • Vagina internal structure ~ B2
  • Vagina colour ~ #3
  • Implanted pubic hair ~ Yes
  • Implanted pubic hair style ~ Style 8 Wild
  • Head ~ S40 Hard head
  • Wig ~ R9
  • Eye colour ~ Grey

Here’s a few pics of the factory photos.

I arrived home from work on Thursday and there was a very nice large box waiting for me.


The doll box is 164cm long, it will just about fits in my kitchen to unbox her, my kitchen is the largest floor space in my house without rearranging the whole house.

The expanding foam packaging is excellent, it holds the doll in place perfectly while travelling on her long journey.

sex doll review

She is really well packaged.

At this point I close the box back up, flip it up so the doll is standing up, then I can lift the doll straight out box it’s much easier.

Her body detail is absolutely amazing.

I chose standard silicone softness. My girls are mainly photo models, and I feel that option is better withstanding knocks and scrapes that tend to happen along the way. Her silicone softness is perfect, and her gel breasts are extremely soft.

With the S40 head.

The realism of the Real Lady doll is amazing, she a fantastic doll, her body shape and size is perfect for me, her makeup detail is outstanding, Real Lady have made a great job on perfecting this doll.

Here a few photos with a few clothes on.