Real Lady Robotic Sex Doll Review

You may dream of having a hyper-realistic love doll as a companion; it would be better if the doll were not dull. Well, wonder no more! Now, Real Lady has a doll that combines the most high-tech technologies in the love doll industry. We invite Jokestrap Sexy Time, the active love doll experts team, to review one such doll. Let’s have a look!

robotic sex doll

This is the incredibly realistic robotic sex doll by Real Lady by Irontech doll. She’s a beautiful and sexy sex doll that moves at the hips and neck. This doll is very futuristic because of the robotic movement and super lifelike skin texture. All the details of this doll are the closest to a real hot girl that we’ve reviewed so far.

Hyper realistic sex doll

The doll that Jokestrap reviewed is Real Lady 170cm. This body is a 1:1 replica of a real woman, featuring skin details of the whole body. In addition, it also has three internal mechanical devices, making it a robot sex doll.


Body: Real Lady Doll 170cm

Functions: Internal vagina automatic clamp & suck; Oral sex movement; Electric hip & waist function

Body Softness: Standard

Breasts: Gel

Areola Size: 3cm

Areola Colour: #3 Natural

Butt: Solid

Finger Skeleton: Yes

Feet: Standing feet without bolts (hard feet)

Toe skeleton: Yes

Fingernails color: F-A

Toenails color: T-D

Skin Tone: Natural

Vagina: Fixed

Vagina internal structure: B3

Vagina colour: #3

Head: S40 ROS head

Wig: R-04

Eye color: Ebony

The body

Since they picked the S40 head (Irene),  we will call her Eileen in the paragraphs below. Eileen has a silicone body and gel breasts. Real Lady sex doll chose premium, non-toxic silicone as the material to ensure an unmatched sensory delight and stunning aesthetics. Real Lady’s silicone skin is designed to mimic human skin’s softness and suppleness, creating an incredibly realistic tactile experience. Experience the skin texture, bringing authentic feelings to your intimate moments. The non-porous silicone material makes cleaning and upkeep effortless.

The boobies

Most of the silicone love dolls have gel breasts. We use soft gel-like material to fill the breasts, giving them natural drops like a human’s. Most of the silicone love dolls have gel breasts. All of the Real Lady dolls have default gel breasts. Whether you are a love doll photographer or a sex doll lover, this option can meet your desire for a realistic doll.

The private part

Real Lady offers seven colors for private parts. Everyone can get their unique doll. We also support custom colors for Love Hole Place.

The head

Eileen has a realistic oral structure head(ROS). The ROS silicone head offers a realistic oral structure and movable jaw. ROS silicone heads are available with hemisphere eyes and can have hair, eyebrows, and lower eyelashes implanted. This option is currently available for S1, S17, S18, S20, S26, S29, S37, and S40.

Eileen (S40) also has a standard version head, known for its delicate features, making it especially suitable for photography. Now, you have one Eileen for the day and another for the night. That’s fantastic!

The EVO skeleton

All Real Lady dolls come with an EVO skeleton by default, which means the doll can shrug its shoulders, and bend its knees to a greater extent.

The fingers and toe joints are also default options. In the Real Lady Doll, we have efficiently resolved a key concern expressed by our customers regarding the flexibility of sex doll feet. Through research and pioneering techniques, we’ve made substantial advancements in manufacturing and designing the feet skeleton for our love dolls. As a result, our real lady sex dolls now boast movable toes while maintaining their authentic and natural appearance.

The mechanical function - robotic sex doll

Eileen features the latest robotic sex doll technologies. She has an automatic clamping & suction vagina, oral sex movement, and electric hip and waist functions.


The automatic clamp & suck function uses a built-in device to generate negative pressure in the vagina and produce a contraction effect. This gives users a better experience and is convenient for people with special needs.

The oral sex movement uses a device built into the upper body to rock the neck to achieve the effect of oral sex. This function must be used with a soft or ROS head. You can also choose a ROS head with oral sex function to enrich your experience.


If you are interested in Real Lady Eileen, we invite you to watch the full review video to explore every aspect of Eileen’s exceptional features.