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Real Lady
Become a Love Doll Ambassador of Real Lady!

Love Doll Ambassador Program

In an ever-evolving world at the intersection of technology and emotion, the emergence of love dolls marks a notable evolution in redefining companionship.

At Real Lady, we hold the belief that everyone should have the opportunity to explore love and companionship in their own way.

Therefore, we are pleased to announce the launch of the Love Doll Ambassador program—a platform designed for enthusiasts of love dolls to promote self-expression, empowerment, and meaningful connections.

Social Media: Instagarm、Facebook、Twitter、Youtube、Pinterest…

Other Platform:Pornhub、Reddit、TheDollforum…

If you are a doll lover

If you have a passion for dolls and a substantial following on platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pornhub, or have actively engaged on Dollforum with over 500 posts, we invite you to join our event at Real Lady. Share your genuine appreciation for Real Lady dolls and help us reach more enthusiasts. Your influence can contribute to our collective success, spreading the word about our products with sincerity and authenticity. Together, let’s create memorable moments and celebrate our shared passion!


If you are a professional content creator

For professional content creators with over 5,000 followers on social media or extensive engagement on Dollforum (1,000+ posts), our Love Doll Ambassador Program offers a platform for collaboration and mutual benefit. We provide resources and support to amplify your voice, fostering a community where all members feel recognized, respected, and empowered in their love for dolls.

If you want to cooperate with Real Lady, contact us at, and we will discuss the details with you.