Love Doll Options & Functions


Real Lady 170cm

Real Lady Default Configuration

articulated fingers

Articulated Fingers

Articulated fingers enhance the natural movements of the hands, making them more lifelike. This feature is especially advantageous for photographing the doll.

articulated toes

Copper Wire Toes

Real lady sex dolls now boast movable toes while maintaining their authentic and natural appearance. Customers can now effortlessly position our sex dolls in lifelike poses.

Real Lady EVO skeleton

EVO Skeleton

EVO skeleton enables the doll to shrug its shoulders, assume different poses more freely, and offers increased flexibility in the spine, arms, and legs, allowing for a wider range of movements.

Sex Doll Head

  1. All silicone heads can be produced as hard heads equipped with movable mechanical eyes. Standard silicone heads (hard silicone heads) can have hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes implanted.
  2. The soft silicone head boasts a functional mouth but lacks a detailed oral structure. These soft silicone heads feature hemisphere eyes, painted eyebrows, and sticky eyelashes.
  3. The ROS silicone head offers a realistic oral structure and movable jaw. ROS silicone heads are available with hemisphere eyes and can have hair, eyebrows, and lower eyelashes implanted. This option is currently available for S1, S17, S18, S20, S26, S29, S37, and S40.

Silicone Sex Doll Head Comparison

Material Mouth description Blowjob function Eyes Makeup Hair implanted Price
Hard Silicone head Hard silicone head doesn’t have oral cavity No Mechanical eyes(movable) Most durable Yes. Can have hair, eyebrows, and lashes implanted Medium
Soft Silicone Head Default oral cavity Yes Hemisphere eyes Least durable makeup among silicone heads No. Painted eyebrows and adhesive lashes Medium
ROS Silicone Head Realistic oral structure Yes Hemisphere eyes Durability between hard and soft silicone heads Hair, eyebrows, and lower lashes can be implanted Medium
Auto Blowjob Head( ROS Silicone head with oral sex function) Realistic oral structure Auto blowjob with external device Hemisphere eyes Durability between hard and soft silicone heads Hair, eyebrows, and lower lashes can be implanted High but Cost-effective

Mechanical Eyes (ONLY for hard silicone head)


Implanted Hair

Skin Tone



Hard hands are more durable and can prevent puncturing of the fingertips by the skeleton.

articulated hand

articulated finger hand (default for Real Lady doll)

hard hand

hard hand (articulated finger hand with hard silicone layer)



Fixed Vagina

Removable Vagina


Provides the most realistic look and experience.

Easy to clean after use. It can be removed for cleaning.

Offers a tighter sensation during intercourse.


Easier to use.

You can experience different vagina structures.


Cleaning can be more challenging. 

Provides less realistic sensations during intercourse.

Cannot replace the vagina if damaged.

Requires technique for insertion into sex dolls.

The potential difficulty with tall and heavy dolls.

Risk of damaging love doll during insertion and removal

fixed vagina

fixed vagina

removable vagina

removable vagina

Mechanical functions

Electric hip & waist function, Oral sex function [ROS Silicone Head], Oral sex movement, Vagina automatic clamp & suck, Touch-sensitive moaning, Heating Function, please refer to this page.