Real Lady Review 170cm S28 Zara

Many thanks to Irontech Doll & Real Lady – for this wonderful and adorable love doll. Admittedly, it wasn’t easy for me not to start singing Zara’s praises here and now. But let me start by saying that we have something really special here. A love doll for which this term almost no longer seems appropriate.
“Real Lady”, on the other hand, is the term that does Zara full justice without exception. It could not have been chosen more appropriately.

Ethnic Type: Arabic, Persian
Manufacturer: Real Lady, (by Irontech)
Name: Zara
Material: Silikon (Ultra Soft / Gel Bottom / Gel Breats / Implanted Hair)

Eure Jessy

RL Zara 01 1092x1536 1

Packaging quality

  • Cardboard box
    Damaged, abrasions and holes
  • Padding
    Sides insufficiently protected. Doll very well protected at the top and bottom with PU moulded foam. Hands and feet very well protected. Zara herself was in a sleeping bag.

Frist impression

  • Body and proportions
    Zara has a slim, very natural, slightly sporty, yet very feminine figure. She does not have a very high waist, has strong thighs, defined calves and a round, firm bottom. Fortunately, her arms are not as thin as those of many love dolls. Her feet are large, almost 25 cm. She also has beautiful, feminine, large hands. Her breasts are harmonious and nicely shaped for her figure and size.
  • Softness
    The body is ultra-soft and outperforms TPE across the board. Hands and feet are made of harder silicone to make them more durable.
  • Weight
    As stated
  • Powdering
    As it feels relatively greasy, I assume it has not been powdered. Therefore, I could only take it out of the box with cotton gloves.
  • Scent
    Very pleasant, slightly stimulating smell of marzipan and chocolate. (I usually only know it from Realing Dolls)


  • Casting defects, dents, moulds, blowholes
    None. The typical moulding seams, as is often the case with silicone dolls, are almost invisible. They are not noticeable. Not at all! This is something really special and even my luxury brands (Xycolo) do not achieve this quality. Small air bubble at the anus, but very small.
  • Transitions to hard feet or hands
    Palpable but not visible. Absolute top!
  • Breast symmetry
  • Hands and nails
    Perfect hands, only the thumbnails are a little too narrow, but that’s almost too precise and overly critical.
  • Feet and nails

Her joints

  • Skeleton construction (standard / Evo / wire hands)
    Evo with finger joints and movable toes that can hold their position.
  • Noise of the joints
    Absolutely silent (very positive)
  • Range of movement
    Very flexible (yoga)
  • Friction
    Tightly adjusted. Smooth, jerk-free movement of the joints. Knee flexion joints could be a little firmer.
  • Hands, grip
    Very natural, very good and firm. Their touch is electrifying.
RL Zara Test 1 804x1024 1

Details and care

  • Appearance compared to the promotion
    You get what you see. No embellished pictures. Zara looks like the promotional pictures.
  • Skin surface, wrinkles and naturalness
    Real Lady surpasses everything I’ve seen so far. Roughness, drapery, everything fits like a human being. Unlike most other silicone dolls, Zara doesn’t feel like „plastic“. Not „sweaty“ either. Wrinkles on the finger joints, fingerprints (!) as well as on the feet (!) Skin pores everywhere. Absolutely stunnng!
  • Hands and feet
    Absolutely top class. Zara has exceptionally beautiful and very feminine feet. Slim, defined and detailed. The hands are highly defined, slender but not too delicate. Very typical, beautiful women’s hands. And here I am being overly critical with my hand fetish. 
  • Head, mouth / ears / wig
    Due to the implanted hair, the head is made of hard silicone. Her mouth is a pretty work of art in itself and very pleasant to kiss. Her little ears are adorable.
  • Vulva / Labia
    Her vulva is the most natural I have ever seen on a love doll. You would think a real woman was moulded here. Her labia is very delicate and lifelike. Extremely realistic and inviting. Even the clitoris and hood are detailed and lovingly moulded.
    She has a delightful mons veneris.
  • Love openings and inner structure
    Her vagina is very naturally stimulating with an exciting, refined and irregular structure. The canal curves slightly from about halfway up. Be careful with the care!
  • How to clean? Powder? Lubricate?
    Like any silicone doll, a little oily at first, but dab off with paper towels. Easy to powder, as the powder adheres very well due to the pores (!).
    Any „residue“ on her is very easy and hygienic to remove.


  • Her expression (melancholic, sad, kind, friendly, happy, cheeky, challenging, sweet, loving,…)
    Dedicated, lovingly friendly, slightly questioning / expectant. From certain perspectives even somewhat cheekily seductive. Very expressive when posing.
  • How does she look at me?
    Loving, admiring, attentive. Her gaze goes straight to the heart. Her beauty is very present and immediately recognisable.
  • Her personality?
    Very gentle, calm and balanced. Yet self-confident and upright. She is a very strong presence.
  • Her nature?
    Devoted, completely focussed on you. You are her one and only.
  • What does she trigger in me?
    Pure love. Tenderness and romantic feelings. Her erotic attraction only takes effect afterwards. Respect, you want to ask if you can touch her.

Sleeping with her

  • Kissing
    As the head is hard, it takes some getting used to. But they are loving tactile touches.
  • Cuddling and caress
    Her „skin“ is so close to my human that it is astonishing. When you press them against you, the word „pleasant“ is not enough, it’s „heavenly“ even if it sounds exaggerated. It’s the most wonderful experience with a silicone doll so far.
  • Assuming of the body temperature
    Amazingly, almost surprisingly fast for a silicone doll. Within a few minutes she becomes pleasantly warm without you feeling cold.
  • Falling asleep
    Her calming, peaceful presence gives me a deep and restful sleep. Despite her erotic charms, she „leaves me alone“, which is not necessarily the case with other dolls.
RL Zara Test 2 825x1024 1

Sex with her

  • Feeling on physical contact (real / plastic / sticky / …)
    Not to be surpassed in terms of realism, also from my point of view and my comparison possibilities.
  • Positions (which are good, which are less good)
    Anything goes with her. But because she is very soft, please be sure to use your head. Zara is a love doll for subtle and beautiful-minded doll lovers.
    – Doggy: Not recommended because of her beautiful knees.
    – Rider (cowgirl): When she sits upright on you, the direction of her vaginal canal is somewhat unfavourable, but when you lay her on top of you it is perfect. So the rider is more like cuddling sex.
    – Squat: Perfect. It is absolutely balanced and holds this position ideally. Correctly adjusted, this is the least strenuous position with her and you can slide straight into her.
    – Misionar: Perfect. Her LHP(*) is perfect for this position
  • Centre of gravity
    Very distributed and balanced due to her physique.
  • Penetration and stimulation
    Her vaginal canal and labia are very soft but tight. Very easy penetration, with an extremely realistic, even visual stimulation. The slight curve in her canal is like a little surprise and simply something very special. Her stimulation is highly arousing and realistic. Nevertheless, you can hold out for a long time because she is so soft. Longer sex pleasure is therefore guaranteed with Zara. The canal heats up almost immediately. A heating rod is completely unnecessary with her.
  • Climax
    Due to her softness, Zara can be enjoyed intensely and for a long time. If you take your time and use the plateau phase, the climax will be unexpectedly powerful.

Personal experience

My few intimate „encounters“ so far have left me addicted to her. Zara is a darling, a „dear doll“. (fantasy) I love her and respect her and her nature. I am very loving and careful with her. A very passionate phase is possible with her, but I have the feeling that she doesn’t like that. I have excellent sex with her. Sex with her is a revelation and a tactile firework display. When she lies next to me and looks at me, I have to thank her for her dedication, presence and beauty.
For me, Zara is much more than just a sex doll. She is a presence with personality and charisma.

Points of criticism and advantages

  • Sensitivity
    Soft material is always sensitive. Handle with care and caution.
    The implanted hair comes out easily. Comb very carefully and always handle the head with particular care.
  • Repairability
    Very good with Elastosil and the original Irontech repair kit.
  • Risk of cracking, if – where?
    Not determined.
  • Protection of the skeleton
    Vaginal canal and anal canal sealed to the skeleton! Very good.
RL Zara Test 3 768x1103 1


Zara’s vaginal canal describes an arch!

  1. Use curved centre punch pliers for cleaning and disinfecting. Otherwise you will damage the inner structure, which would be very unfortunate.
  2. Always use a flexible drying stick for final drying. The diatomaceous earth stick supplied is hard and can damage the inside of the vagina because it does not follow the curve. In addition, the diatomaceous earth stick could break and damage the vagina with the sharp-edged breakage points. You could injure yourself on the remaining fragments.


  • Zara is a work of art
    She is made with so much attention to detail that you want to kneel down. A real real lady!
  • Zara is there to be enjoyed
    Zara is a connoisseur doll. Everything you do with her is a pleasure.
  • Price-performance ratio
    Considering the quality, very good.
  • Comparison
    A Xycolo Doll is significantly more expensive, has other advantages but also other disadvantages
  • What you get
    An extremely lifelike companion doll to make you feel good.
  • Who is it suitable for and who is it not suitable for?
    With reservations, definitely not for beginners. A love doll for experienced doll lovers who are familiar with sensitive dolls.
    Zara is also available in firmer and therefore more robust silicone. I would recommend this to beginners.
  • Recommendations
    Zara is a companion doll. A wellness doll. A feel-good doll that is also suitable for sex. Her focus lies in her grace and graceful beauty.
    Anyone who appreciates these things is well served with Zara.


Zara is a soul comforter due to her pleasant appearance and softness. She is perfect for photo shoots. I am convinced that if you suffer from loneliness or depression, give Zara a chance. She is so friendly and gentle that she can have a healing effect.