170cm Real Lady S30 Rita Review



Hello friends.

Some of you know me around the forum and know that I enjoy doing reviews of my girls.

So a bit over two weeks ago A large box came to my house with Brandy inside.

Brandy is a Real Lady model created by the folks over at Irontech Doll.

I have had a bit of time to play with her, and pose with her and get to know her 🙂

I have been rounding up some pictures and information so I could do a nice proper review of this model.

Now before I start here I will say that my opinion is honest and truthful in all of my reviews.

I will not sugarcoat anything and I will be honest with everyone who has any questions about the product.

So below I will post a basic order in which I will try and do this review.

Table of Contents

NOTE: All photos related to the review have been taken with a lower-end Canon T7 with various lenses.

Any photo shoots (The sample shoot at the end) have been taken with studio-grade photo gear lenses and strobes.

Fujifilm GFX Medium Format systems and lenses and studio lighting.

ALSO NOTE: None of the photos contained in this review including the sample photo shoot were edited using any AI-based software and all photos are natural and lightly edited photos that anyone with decent camera gear and skill could produce.


Ok so in this section I will post some photos and a few very poorly done videos lol of the box and how well the doll was packaged.

First off let’s get some photos of the size of the box.

I measured the longest side of the box to be around 5 ft 5 inches long or 65 inches.

The box is around 1 ft 2 inches deep or 14 inches.

The box is around 1 and a half feet wide or 18 inches wide.

The black areas are just simply painted out using GIMP photo editor to hide the tracking numbers and address info.

The box was clocked in at 130LBs from the UPS shipping label or 58.967 kgs.

After opening the box I was greeted with some really nice spray foam that greatly protected the doll in shipping.

On top of the foam layer sat the goodies bag full of the typical stuff you get from doll companies 🙂

Warming rod, Gloves, Wig, Many head attachment posts (Even a swivel one) a nice fishnet outfit a couple of drying sticks and a very nice User Manual 🙂

As you can see in the photos after lifting the foam layer you see the doll is zipped up into a very nice blue sleeping bag with a yellow Irontech Logo on it.

Again, this is another great protective layer that I found to be a nice touch that other companies do not do.

The head was wrapped up nicely and sitting between the legs.

NOTHING seemed to have moved and the doll was packed so well that even the neck stub was still straight.

I give Irontech credit in this department as this might be some of the best packing of a doll I have seen yet.

NOTE: To get her out of the box I would suggest that you can to get a helper to lift her out of the box.

If you do not have a helper bend her legs up towards her chest into a sitting pose.

Bend her legs at the knees a bit and rock the body forward so she is sitting in the box.

Straddle the box as close to the side as you can get and squat using your legs.

Keep your back straight and put one arm under her legs near the knees and one around her back area.

Try to stand up straight if you can using your legs to lift the doll.

Carefully walk her to a chair couch or bed and sit her or lay her down gently.

This model is not a light doll so please be careful when lifting her out of the box.

After getting her out of the box you will see there is yet another layer of spray foam under the doll.

Again, this is some of the best packaging I have seen yet of any doll brand that is packed inside of a cardboard box.

Ok so lastly I will post a couple of very short video clips I did handheld lol.

Terrible videos and I will use a tripod next time lol.

The Head

Ok so in this section we will talk about the head.
When I saw this girl playing pool and giving me that sexy look bent over the pool table I was like OH yeah that is my kinda girl :).
If you are wondering what I am talking about some of the S30 head promo pictures are on top of the very same Real Lady model
that I ordered and she is playing pool 🙂

Anyway, I ordered the S30 Rita head with my Real Lady model.
This head uses the typical hard silicone that most companies use to make their heads.
It holds the implanted eyebrows better and makeup better than the softer silicone does.

The head I have has a standard head connection and I have put the head onto other bodies I have to test and the head works just fine on any standard M16 head

The only difference I see is the hole going down into the body neck stub seems to be deeper than my other dolls so if you take a non Irontech head and try and put it onto the body the head just pushed off and wanted to fall off lol.
I figured out why and it’s a simple fix that Irontech includes in their package.
The threaded and the push-on type neck connectors included are a bit longer.
You can simply change the connector from the other brand head you have and thread in their longer connector and the head seems to stay on the body fine.
Other than that the head looks to be pretty much standard and should work on about any standard M16 body you have.

The makeup is well done and the head has nice details on the skin.
The eyes are a push-in and rotated kinda of eye with like a spring behind them or something.
I love these kinda eyes and all of my Silicone heads have these types of eyes.

Here are some photos just showing the size of the head.


Ok, let’s get in one more section of the review before I head to bed lol.
Let’s talk a bit about the hands.

The hands I got on my Real Lady are articulated.
They are very nice and work as I would expect them to thumbs_up:
She can hold items in her hands and do poses for photos.

The skin details show up nicely in the close-up photos of her hands.
Irontech went all out on recreating skin texture on these.
So below let me post some photos of the hands and my fun holding the lube bottle photo lol.

Ok, let’s get in one more section of the review before I head to bed lol.
Let’s talk a bit about the hands.

The hands I got on my Real Lady are articulated.
They are very nice and work as I would expect them to thumbs_up:
She can hold items in her hands and do poses for photos.

The skin details show up nicely in the close-up photos of her hands.
Irontech went all out on recreating skin texture on these.
So below let me post some photos of the hands and my fun holding the lube bottle photo lol.

articulated hand

It reminds me of a robot’s hand or something lol.
The hand skeleton works great and bends at each joint just like a human’s fingers would.
Of course, we would expect this in today’s age with higher-end dolls so I am not surprised and expected them to be good 🙂


Ok, so the feet.
Irontech has been working on adding articulated toes :).
It’s kind of a cute feature but depending on what you use the doll for this feature is not something
that is a must-have.
I do like the fact the toes are not floppy like most non-articulated feet.

There are drawbacks to this feature …
For example, a couple of her toe skeleton parts were already poked out the tips of the toes right from the box.

Was not a big deal as I just straightened up the toes some and they are fine now.
If I were to say any part of the packaging that could be changed somehow I would try and figure out some way to protect the toes a bit better in shipping.
The feet were wrapped up nicely and had foam around them but the very tips of the toes were sticking up out of the foam blocks and I think the box might have been rolled over to the top of the box and the toes got pushed against the packing and pushed down on the tips of the toes.
But like I said I just straightened up the toes some and all is good 🙂

The other issue I have with the doll is her skin is quite shiny.
The bottoms of her feet look wet they are so shiny.
These pictures are even after I tried to powder them.
I have noticed that many of the softer dolls on the market suffer from this same issue.
I think maybe it’s something to do with the softer silicone that just makes these softer dolls more shiny.
I would love to see some new methods to improve this in all of the softer dolls being made today.

So below are some more

As you can see the details are also in the feet.
She has actual skin texture and I’d bet if you used one of those fingerprint kits you could get
prints from her feet lol.
If the shiny silicone was a nice flat Matte finish the feet would be quite sexy 🙂
Also, I did order the metal peg feet because my girls do stand during storage.
I know it’s not very pretty to have the metal pegs on the feet but it is what it is for now 🙂

I’ll bet you wish your girl could throw up some gang signs with her toes lol.
Ok, so I will work on the next section and hope to post that later today.


Ok, tonight we talk about her breasts.
It is kinda hard to show how soft these are in a video but I will be posting one that you can look at if you wish.
I can tell you the softness of this breast is softer than most of my TPE doll’s breasts.
It’s quite amazing how soft they are and well filled with gel.
I do not feel any gaps or empty spots inside the breast and I think Irontech filled them just right.
Both breasts feel and look the same as well.

The details were captured nicely by the woman they scanned and the breasts are very realistic looking and feeling.
The paint on the breast is very well done and looks amazing in person.
The entire doll has small veins here and there and it is not overdone like some other brands I have seen.

Below are some photos of the breast.

Again these photos were taken with a cheaper DSLR camera with no editing so that people can see the raw doll and how it looks straight from the box..
If you look close you can see skin details right into the silicone.
Small dimples and wrinkles in the skin.
The belly is fun to poke at and touch as it’s so soft and real feeling 🙂

Below is a video if you wish to see me poke and jiggle the boobs a touch lol.

Real Lady Gel Breasts Softness


Ok so let’s turn up the heat a bit and talk a little sexual lol.
So many people have been wondering what is it like to hold Brandy and make love to her.
Well, I have quite a few dolls and over the years I have owned Inflatable dolls, Cloth dolls, TPE dolls and Silicone dolls.
First up was cloth dolls, Ehhhh, not the greatest sexually but great cuddle monsters lol.
The second up was TPE, OH yeah TPE was so nice and soft but not as durable as I would have liked. The Third was Silicone, the First silicone doll was hard and was ok if you lubed up well but still not nearly as good as TPE.
Over the years people agreed that TPE dolls were the way to go for sexual use.
But it was not too long and companies figured out how to produce softer silicone mixes.
This has kinda gone overboard with some dolls and they are kinda too soft when silicone gets softer it starts to become more fragile just like TPE except the silicone has a longer shelf life.

Then comes Brandy…
Her breasts are softer than most of my TPE dolls.
Many parts of her like her belly and upper legs are about as soft as most of my TPE dolls.
YES her sexual areas are made of softer silicone too.
So how is she?
Well, we must talk about something important before I answer that.
Irontech offers many different texture patterns that you can choose from when ordering.
These texture patterns can greatly affect how the vagina feels during intercourse.
Now some men do not have any issues and sex for hours if they wanted and the tighter and more textured the vagina is the
better for them.
Some men like me just do not last very long if the vagina is tighter or has lots of texture.
The wonderful people at Irontech allowed me to choose (None) when selecting vagina texture.
This is not quite smooth but pretty close to it.
When lubed up well she feels amazing and out of all of my Silicone girls, this Real Lady feels the best sexually …
In fact, I could stop using my normal TPE doll which is pretty much the only one that gets sexually used and swap out this
Real Lady full-time and does not miss the TPE doll at all.
The soft upper legs and ass feel great when bumping against them instead of hard silicone with hard foam inside.
The Real Lady greatly shines in the bedroom :thumbs_up:
I can lay on my side and lift one of her legs and enter while laying on my side without any issue.
You can roll her over open her legs up some and slip in from behind.
Now mind you this doll will become pretty much a photo model but umm for Science I had to try lol.
I can say that this doll was designed for sexual use :).

So I will post a photo below …
Note some powder shown in the pictures.
I only used a cheap camera and onboard flash so this was the best I could get lol.
She is also the only doll I have with pube hair and I have to say I love the look of it.
The vagina is very well-textured on the outside and looks quite real :).

real lady vagina


Ok, today we talk about the body.
So the Real Lady body might not be for everyone.
The body type is of an older more mature woman.
Some might want a younger and youthful-looking beach body.
I do hope that Irontech comes out with a couple more body types for this Real Lady line :).

But for those that like this kinda body style let’s talk some about it :).

First off this body is rather heavy and might not be suitable for some people with back issues or simply do not want a heavy-style doll.
The box label said the package was 130 lbs and was not a light package.
I used a hand truck or two-wheeler style box mover to wheel the box into the house :thumbs_up:

So if weight is not an issue for you and you like this body type then the rest of the information in this section
will be of interest to you.

The skeleton used in the Real Lady line is pretty much a standard EVO-style skeleton that many brands have the same kinda style of skeleton.
The skeleton has mostly friction-based joints and the knee joints are a geared double joint.
The knees can bend a slight bit past their fully extended range behind the doll into a kinda locked pose.
This is often a good thing and helps lock the legs into a straight line when standing.
The joints retaining nuts have been tacked welded to ensure they do not loosen.

The doll has been said to be of many different sizes …
My measure tape says the doll is around 160 cm without a head and around 180 cm with the head attached.
I have other 170 and 175cm dolls and my Real Lady is a bit taller than both of those.
This girl is very real in size and tall.

I asked the sales rep from Irontech if I could get a picture of the skeleton used for the Real Lady models and
they sent me this.

So what does the body look like?
She looks like a real woman who has a more mature-shaped body.
The upper legs are meaty and have quite a bit of material 🙂
The softer silicone is nice in these areas and if the silicone was warmed before you touched her it might be hard to tell if she was a real person or not lol.
The belly is my favourite part and feels nice.
The breasts are amazingly soft and holding those while you are on top of her is blissful :).
In my version, I requested a small bit of pube hair and it sets her off and adds realism.
Her rear end is probably my least favorite part but fits the whole older more mature woman perfectly so in the end it was a great choice for this body type

So as you can see she is a full-figured girl who is made for those who like a fuller and taller realistic-looking body.
I think that Irontech nailed it pretty well and this doll is well-suited to the guys that like this kind of body style.
But again I will say that I think Irontech should find a couple more real models to scan that fit into a couple of more styles.
Your typical Perfect Beach body with around 165cm or so, Nice round butt, C-sized breasts or about and well suited for a bikini playing ball on the beach :).
Maybe another version with a thinner model and smaller breasts with a more cute-looking face in the 155cm range or so.
This would cater to a much larger group of people and expand the Real Lady model 🙂

Now while doing this review I have talked to some people and have heard the same kinda of things.
Oh, the doll is too heavy for me.
Well, I have been told that Irontech is still working to perfect its weight reduction systems for the Real Lady.
The problem with most weight reduction systems is it’s a kind of foam that is located in the centre of each body part.
The problem with this foam is it’s often harder than the actual silicone being used and this reduces the range of motion that the
doll has and makes her much harder feeling 🙁
So I would assume that Irontech is working on some kinda of newer innovations to weight reduction that do not greatly impact the feel and range of motion their dolls are known for.

Now I will say this.
If after seeing this review you think she is just not quite for you. That is fine because it happens that some of the newer models released by Irontech are fricken amazing lol.

Final Thoughts And Suggestions

Ok, so my final thoughts on the Real Lady 🙂
I have to say if this body style is your kinda thing and the weight is not an issue this girl is quite amazing.
They have a few other head choices you could pick from.
There are many color options you can mix and match to make her your unique look.
The Vagina can be customized to your liking with many texture options and outside makeup.
The overall product is made well and packed extremely well for shipping to help assure you she will show up at your door
in good condition.

So after saying all of that would I recommend a Real Lady?
Oh hell yeah if you are looking for this type of body with amazing details and skin textures and plenty of ordering options
I can say this model is a great option.
The softer silicone is nice and soft and either for just photos or for sexual companions this model fits the bill on both :thumbs_up:

Let’s hope that Irontech listens to us customers and creates more versions of the Real Ladies 🙂
A hot Beach Body girl, A smaller thinner and cute girl and then this model is a fuller more mature woman.

I want to thank the people over at Irontech for creating her and this journey with Brandy is far from over … You will see her more
in future photo shoots.

A Sample Photo Shoot

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