7 tips for Real Lady after-sales service!

Valued customer,

Thank you for choosing Real Lady!

We kindly ask you to read the following after sales service instructions carefully. Please find the specific terms below:

After-Sales Service Instructions

Real Lady After Sales Guidelines:

1. Personal Use: Our physical dolls are designed for personal use. For reasons of hygiene and customization, we regretfully cannot support unreasonable return and exchange services. We urge all customers to thoroughly review the product’s design, principle, structure, and composition materials before purchasing. By proceeding with the purchase, it is understood that you have acknowledged and accepted these aspects.

2. Inspection on Receipt: When receiving your order, please inspect the product before signing for it. Once the doll has been used, the manufacturer cannot accept returns. Should you encounter any quality issues after signing, please get in touch with our customer service and sales teams immediately for resolution. Return or compensation will be considered depending on the nature of the problem.

Quality Issues Include:

  • The Doll Skeleton is broken, making the doll unusable.
  • The need for secondary hot-melt treatment.


  • Compensation for a doll the same as the order: A replacement doll the same as the order will be remade to compensate the customer. We will share 50% of the freight loss with the agent.
  • Refund: A full payment refund will be issued to the agent/buyer. The agent needs to provide a refund screenshot to the buyer. After receiving the screenshot, we will process the refund and share 50% of the freight loss with the agent.

Non-Quality Issues:

  • Odor: TPE is a composite material, and a slight plastic smell may be present, which is not a quality defect. All materials used in our factory are safe and non-toxic. If the odor is a concern, we can provide rubber blocks free of charge for you to assess the acceptability. The customers must pay the freight cost for this service.
  • Design: The product’s design is not a valid reason for return.
  • Unmet Expectations: The factory photos of the sex doll will be shared and confirmed with the customer before shipment. The commercial images are for reference only, and variations may occur due to lighting, angles, or venue differences. Please prevail with the factory photos of the doll.
  • Use Damage: It is not considered a quality issue if the doll is damaged due to improper use or normal wear and tear. Minor breaks caused by improper use can be repaired using glue. We will provide the repair glue for free, but customers must cover the freight costs.
  • Additional Functions: Features like heating, vocalization, and sex doll robots may be susceptible to damage during transportation or improper use. In such cases, it becomes difficult to provide maintenance services due to high transportation costs. We will refund the additional fees charged for these functions to the agent/buyer.
  • Staining: TPE and silicone materials are prone to staining, and any staining caused by wearing dark clothes or other factors is not a quality issue. If staining occurs, we will provide the color removal cream free of charge for each order, but customers will need to cover the freight costs.
  • Parting Line: Our product manufacturing process combines two pieces of mold, creating a parting line. This line is a natural outcome of the manufacturing process and not a quality issue.
  • Transportation Damage: If the product is damaged during transportation, please coordinate with the freight forwarder for compensation.

After Sales Support:

For non-quality related issues, excluding Transportation Damage, we are committed to maintaining good cooperation and upholding the brand’s reputation and agents. We will assist the agent in resolving such problems.


  • Age Restriction: Due to the nature of adult products, individuals under 18 and children are prohibited from using them.
  • Proper Storage: Please keep the product secure after purchase and away from the reach of children. The company bears no responsibility for any consequences resulting from improper storage or children’s exposure to the product.
  • Public Display: Nudity should not be displayed in public places. Any adverse consequences arising from such actions are the individual’s responsibility, and the company shall not be liable. 
  • Disease Spread: This product is personal, and the company cannot be held responsible for the spread of diseases caused by private transfers, sales, or purchases.
  • Originality: The head and body of all our products result from the sculptor’s imagination and are not intended to infringe on any characters. Any similarities are purely coincidental.
  • Responsible Disposal: If the product is no longer needed, please refrain from discarding it in public spaces.
  • Electronics Usage: The company holds no responsibility for accidental losses resulting from improper use of electronic features, such as sound generation and heating.

We hope that these after-sales service instructions clarify our policies and procedures. Should you have any queries or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service: service@irontechdoll.com. Your satisfaction remains our top priority.